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1) Name: Jenna, or Alice ;)
2) Age: 15
3) Location: League City, TX
4) Hobbies: Art, Literature, Singing, Swing dancing
5) Tell Us A Little About You:

I have three obsessions in life: Disney, art, but most of all, God. I plan to attend an art college somewhere, then maybe work at a Disney theme park (preferably Disneyland).

Disney Favorites:

6) Movie (Animated): Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
7) Movie (Live Action): Mary Poppins
8) Character: Mad Hatter (Reggie!), Wendy Darling, Alice Liddell
9) Song: "When She Loved Me", "A World of My Own", "Someday My Prince Will Come", "With a Smile and a Song", "One Song"
10) Park: Disneyland
11) Attraction: Fantasmic! or Splash Mountain


11) Why Walt? Many of my friends and I are dreamers, making up stories and scenarios, but never fleshed them out as much as Walt did. He could sense the magic of his stories, and made sure to bring each of them to life in a way everyone could understand and dream about with him.
12) Favorite Books on Walt: The only one I've read is "How to Be Like Walt" by Art Linkletter.
13) How Old Were You When You First Took An Interest in Walt? I was always a fan of Disney, but a year or two ago I became suddenly fascinated with the man behind the company.
14) Were You Ever Criticized For It? Hmm... maybe playful teasing, and probably a little bit behind my back, but I don't really pay much mind to it. When I find something I like or enjoy, I enjoy it to the fullest, and my crazed passion for some of my likings may scare some people. Haha.
15) Favorite Quote: Too many to choose from. Everyone seems to have taken mine. xP I did enjoy his Opening Day speech and Fantasyland dedication, however. Does that count?
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